Choir Academy NYC

Choir Academy NYC – One of New York’s Finest Music Schools

The Choir Academy is located on the island of Manhattan in New York City. It has been named one of the best music schools in the state of New York. Not only does the academy focus on music but it strives to show its students how important learning is to grow as individual.


The Choir Academy of NYC is located in Manhattan, NYC. It is considered a borough of Manhattan Community College. The rapport and respect that they have with the community, their peers, their teachers, and their families is overwhelming. This small music school has an enrollment of approximately 75 students in grades 8, 11, 12, and special education classes providing them with the opportunity of learning in a small classroom setting. It is comprised not only of the educational component as seen in other schools, the community is also made of the Boys’ Choir of Harlem, Inc., Girls’ Choir of Harlem, Inc., New York University, City College of New York, and the Metro Center for Urban Education. Both the boy’s and girl’s choirs are known all over the world and are well-respected within the music industry.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Choir Academy of Harlem is to embrace every student’s unique capabilities and qualities while challenging them in a rewarding educational setting. They believe that each and every student will learn and achieve their goals regardless of outside influences that may attempt to hinder their positive learning process. The academy prides itself on providing all students an academic experience that will prepare them for the real world making them productive members of society. They strive to maximize all artistic and musical talents of their students in the following areas: dance, choral music, and instrumental music. As stated on their website, “we understand that in order to reach this goal, we must embrace the school program and school community keeping the pillars of rigor, respect, rights and responsibility as the most important principles upon which the school legacy was built.”

Choir Academy’s Vision

The Choir Academy of NYC prides itself on creating and maintaining a school culture that caters to the artistic and learning needs of every student. They provide a well-rounded academic experience while preparing each student for the arts, music, and college. Their curriculum is data-driven and research-based that enhance exceptional social-emotional decision making and critical thinking skills while keeping their students’ best interests as their top priority.

Special Programs

In addition to providing an enriched educational environment and focusing on the arts, the Choir Academy also fosters several different programs to further enrich their students’ lives. The following is a list of additional programs the academy’s students can enjoy:
Saturday Academy for Science and Mathematics
Gear Up College Preparatory Program
College Now Program
Hartwick College Summer Music Institute
Skidmore College Summer Music Institute
Tanglewood Boston College Program
All of these programs are available to all students who attend the academy

Extracurricular Activities

Students who attend the Choir Academy have the opportunity to join several athletic extracurricular activity groups. Such activities include the track team, cheerleading team, basketball team, girls’ soccer team, and the forensics team. Additionally, students will be give the opportunity to travel throughout the United States as well as parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa with the Boys’ Choir of Harlem.