Why is it Difficult to Make a Career out of Singing

Why is it Harder to Make a Career out of Singing

You love to sing. You’ve got this exceptional talent. You have a passion for singing. You want to make this your career. Sounds easy, right? It’s far from easy. You can’t step foot onto any stage, sing a song, and get offered a recording contract immediately. While being a professional singer brings with it great rewards, the opportunities are rare.

Very few singers can make it in the music industry regardless of how talented they are or who they know. Those who do sing professionally barely make enough to support themselves let alone a family. While singing may seem easy if you have natural talent, it still takes a lot of work and you end of sacrificing a lot just to make enough money to eat for the week.

Should I consider a backup?

If you are determined to become a professional singer, stop and think about other things you are good at or enjoy. Unless you have been scouted as the next Mariah Carey, it is important to look at other career areas as your primary source of income and singing as your secondary income. You will find that you will lose your passion for music due to constant rejection, struggling for acceptance, and financial distress. By choosing another career that you find yourself drawn to you can provide for yourself and your family as well as still pursue your passion for music.

Questions to ask yourself

Before jumping into a singing career with both feet there are several questions you should ask yourself. This will give you a better idea of what you will face as a professional singer and may bring light to your true passion for singing.

Are you willing to make sacrifices to make your singing career a reality? If you are one of the lucky few that become successful you will live a life of moving around and being on the road most of your life. You will most likely be living out of a suitcase for a majority of your career. Your personal relationships could suffer. Your social life will be non-existent. You will be spending a large sum of money on training, auditions, equipment, and travel.

Are you able to stay healthy? Being a professional singer you must keep your voice working like a well-oiled machine. Your voice is susceptible to so many changes that could destroy it including age, the environment, and your health. Singing while you’re sick is only going to cause more damage to your voice which could lead to a premature demise to your singing career.

How well do you handle rejection? In the music industry you will be faced with non-stop rejection. What may be perfect to you and your following of fans may not be the right fit for what record labels or Broadway productions are looking for. For every demo you send out you must prepare yourself for that possibility of being rejected without being listened to. There’s a lot of fierce competition in the music industry. If you find yourself crying during a Hallmark commercial, then chances are you won’t be able to handle rejection too well before becoming an emotional train wreck.

Before embarking on the glamorous world of professional singing, think long and hard about the decisions you will be making. It’s a difficult career to pursue and the music industry is flooded with hopeful professionals. The amount of rejection is overwhelming and the time commitment just to get noticed is even more overwhelming.